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b-infoGIS NMS

GIS Based Network Management System

  • Approved Electrical Reports and Analysis
  • Financial Reporting
  • Artificial Intelligence | Intelligent Decision Support System
  • Big Data Analysis and Reporting

Product Description

Through the software architecture consisting of sub systems operating integratedly each other, it is developed for design and management of smart networks by utilizing the abilities provided by geographical information systems at the highest level.

Our software which is still continued to be developed as the result of R&D studies started through the cooperations of TÜBİTAK and university (Ege University / Yaşar University) aims to preclude inter software data transfers and thus provide yield from work force and minimize the errors by gathering the processes that electric distribution companies operating in national and international sector conduct via multiple software under a single roof.

b-infoGIS NMS-Basic

  • Ability to add the entire components of electric distribution network (poles, indoor substations, pole mounted substations, boxes, terminal boxes, consumer, aerial lines, underground lines) and structures of consumers along with their all detailed features in a coordinated manner on rule basis
  • Compliance to stand-alone and Client-Server architectures
  • Ability to do advanced queries and report by using the available network information stored in the system
  • Ability to create network typology (electrical connections) automatically in accordance with electrical rules during data entry
  • Ability to monitor the connections between network components on the map
  • Ability to create transformer based consumer lists
  • Ability to see transformer or source feeding the selected network component with its flow simulation
  • Ability to see transformers feed from the selected source with the flow simulation
  • Ability to see network elements feed from the selected transformer with the flow simulation
  • Ability to use Vectorial / Raster maps
  • Ability to import the data collected from the land integratedly with b-infoGIS NMS-Explorer as coordinated with 0 error
  • Ability to export network elements in many formats (.kml, .dxf, .shp, .csv, .opt, .json, .mif, .tab, .xml)
  • Ability to carry electrical objects smartly (For example, while carrying pole object, carrying the lines connected on it simultaneously)
  • Ability to establish smart connections between CBS (geographical ınformation systems) objects (For example, deletion of lines connected to pole object as it is deleted)
  • Ability to automatically numbering the objects added to the system by considering the electrical connections
  • Ability to detect connections creating short circuit on LV (Low Voltage) and MV (Medium Voltage) networks
  • Ability to detect objects not connected electrically
  • Ability to obtain transformer based survey report
  • Ability to be integrated into CBS data in different formats or stored in databases
  • Ability to be integrated into Scada and consumet call center systems

b-infoGIS NMS-Pro

In addition to b-infoGIS NMS-Basic, by using CBS data;

  • LV Voltage Drop Analysis and Reporting
  • Consumer Voltage Drop Analysis and Reporting
  • MV Voltage Drop Analysis and Reporting
  • Transformer Power Analysis and Reporting
  • Ability to create Pole List Containing Tip Load Analysis
  • Coloring analysis according to LV Voltage Drop
  • Coloring analysis according to Consumer Voltage Drop
  • Coloring analysis according to J (nonuniform load)
  • Coloring analysis according to MV Voltage Drop
  • LV network surveillance panel (transiently regarding the electrical line where the mouse is on it on the map
    1. Conductor type
    2. Conductor Sort
    3. Length (m)
    4. Distance to transformer (m)
    5. J Value (Watt/m)
    6. k / m
    7. Load Current (A)
    8. Maximum Current (A)
    9. Total Load (W)
    10. P %, e%, er%, ex%

    values can be monitored

  • MV network surveillance panel (transiently regarding the electrical line where the mouse is on it on the map
    1. Conductor type
    2. Conductor Sort
    3. Length (m)
    4. Distance to source (m)
    5. k / c
    6. Total Load (W)
    7. P %, er%

    values can be monitored

  • Displaying and exporting the layouts of the indoor substation on CAD window with single click
  • Displaying and exporting vectorial diagrams of poles dynamically on CAD window
  • Obtaining transformer based survey report

b-infoGIS Kaşif

b-infoGIS Explorer is a software project designed to be used in mobile devices with android operating system and continued to be developed.

  • Collecting the data of electric distribution network components in b-infoGIS NMS format without any fault, along with their coordinates
  • When it is used together with the recommended mobile device, ability to catch coordinate precision of 2 meter
  • Ability to catch cm precision as integrated with advanced GPS devices via Bluetooth connection
  • Ability to share the collected data and project files via mail